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The Fes one day tour is made up of two parts.
The first part :
You driver will pick you up from your hotel or riad and take you back into time to a world 12 centuries old. You are going to visit the following sites:
– The amazingly and beautifully decorated Royal palace gates of the king.
– The Jewish quarter – The Mellah – walled all around with fortified gateways. The Mellah also contains a Jewish cemetry and a Cynagogue.
– The famous blue gate -Bab Boujloud- the one of two main entrances to the Medina of Fes.
– Panoramic views from the south and north Borges or the Fortresses, once used as strategic points of defence in wars.
– Pottery and Tile -Zallij- cooperative where you can watch how various types of pottery and small tiles and mosaic found in Riads are made by very skillfull hands.
– The Tannery where lether is manually tanned in various colours.
All the above sites can be visited by moving in your private car from one place to another with the company of your driver.
The second part ( with the company of an official guide ):
You go deep down inside the car-free Medina or old city and visit the following sites among others:
– Bounaniya Medrassa or school (13th century) which portrays the amazing architecture of the Merinid a Dynasty
– Nejjarine square and its museum of wooden arts and its beautifully decorated fountain.
– Karawiyiin University, the oldest spiritual and educational centre in the moslem world.
– Various cooperatives where you can watch skillfull artisans weave silk and wool fabrics and handmade carpets.
– Saffariin square, the main centre for the manual fabrication of brassware and silverware.
At the end of your visit the driver will take you back to your Riad or hotel.

What's Included:
• Private and comfortable Transportation (Air condition).
• Driver Guide seeking English
• Vehicle fuels
•  Fes Local guide
• 1 Bottles of water each person / day   
Not Included
• Lunchs
• Drinks
• Tips
• Ticket of historical monument

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